Reasons to Ride the Four Leaf Clover Ride

The Four Leaf Clover Ride is a different kind of ride, with four different loops all starting and ending at the Nasson Community Center in Springvale. Here are some reasons we think you will appreciate the Four Leaves:

  1. With 4 loops all starting and ending at the same place, you are never much more than 12 ½ miles from your car.
  2. If temps start in the 40s and end in the 70s, stash your cool weather gear in your car after the first couple of loops.
  3. If heaven forbid there are showers in the forecast, have a change of kit to finish off the ride after the skies clear.
  4. If something comes up at home, its easier to make an early exit-just let us know that you have to check out early.
  5. If something bad happens out on the road, we will be able to find you faster and get you back to the start/finish quicker.
  6. One rest stop means we don’t spend extra money on porta-potties- more of your entry fee goes to supporting the Nasson Community Bicycle Center.
  7. Stop in at the Bakery on the 25 mile loop, make your purchases and we will bring the goodies back to Nasson for you while you continue your ride.
  8. We are probably one of  the few benefit rides that have included a Strava segment labeled “the downhill of death”. 25 and 50 mile riders don’t worry-its part of the 100 mile loop-and the label is slight hyperbole (do be careful, though)
  9. 100 mile riders can show off their determination by getting back on the bike from the comfort of the Nasson Community Center and finishing the last 25 miles.

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