About the Nasson Bike Center


Sisters road testing two new earn-a-bikes

The Nasson Bike Center serves the youth of Sanford and Springvale Maine. We are located in the basement of the Nasson Community Center.

The goal of the Nasson Bike Center is to Impart life-long mechanical and life skills, improve access to educational, economic and recreational opportunities, and inspire a volunteer spirit in the youth of Sanford and Springvale.


Dylan and his dad Don working on a community bike

We provide bikes for our youth through an earn-a-bike program. Our participants can repair their own bikes with help from staff and volunteers. The bike center also partners with the Sanford Schools and Sanford Parks and Rec. to offer bike rides Spring Summer and Fall.

Our blog https://nassonbikes.wordpress.com can give you more information about the bike program. The website http://nassoncommunitycenter.com/ can tell you more about the Nasson Community Center.

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