About the Four Loops

Lake Route; The first loop, ridden by all riders will provide views of Shaker Pond, Bunganut Pond, and a brief glimpse of Estes Lake. It has the least amount of climbing. This year we have partnered with the Bakery at the York County Shelter to have a rest stop at the former Shaker Community, now shared with the Brothers of Christian Instruction. There will be a bathroom available to riders, as well as a table with drinks and snacks for rider refuel. The Bakery will be open and 8:00 and for those riders wishing to purchase items can leave their purchases with the rest stop crew to be brought back to the Nasson Community Center for them
The major climb of this route is Shaker Hill Road. At the top is a former Shaker community. now occupied by the Notre Dame Spiritual Center. There is a museum on the grounds and an apple orchard. About 600 feet of climbing


Around Bauneg Beg; This ride is a little more challenging, riding around the Bauneg Beg mountain area. It is also about 27 miles long.  The start is a climb up Oak Street to Hansen Ridge, riding along the ridge past MacDougal Orchard (more apples) then diving down back into town. You then ride south passing east of the Bauneg Beg Hills. Turkey Street will start the climbing, the Bauneg Beg Hill Road will be bringing you around the south side of Bauneg Beg, with some nice views. The road continues almost to the top of Mount Hope, but heads west along Route 202 for a few miles before turning onto more back roads (keep a sharp eye out for the Union School turn) and back to Nasson. About 800 feet of climbing.


Milton Mills Loop; This loop has  the most climbing. The feature is a trip to Milton Mills New Hampshire, with not one, but two different Milton Mills Roads-one to Milton Mills and one going away. After a short ride up Route 109, it’s a left onto Deering Neighborhood Road when the climbing starts. Be careful at the end of Sunset Road. There is a stop sign right at the bottom of a fast downhill. Later, after a long climb up the first Milton Mills Road, a descent and another climb, you’re on top of Foxes Ridge, and ready to descend to Milton Mills. The pavement is rough on the way down, so be careful. Ride over the river, take a right, take another right, and you’re back in Maine, ready to climb the second Milton Mills Road. It’s a long climb, getting steeper at the end. After that there are ups and downs, nothing too serious getting back to Route 109. We have added an extra loop at the end, turning left on to Stanley Road, then a couple of right turns. This brings you back into rural Springvale, with a nice downhill on Elm Street back into town. About  1700 feet of climbing


 Owls Nest Loop; After leaving Nasson, you head back to Stanley Road, continuing to Shapleigh Corner. There is a nice gazebo on the corner, a good spot for a quick break before Owls Nest Road. There is a sharp climb after leaving the corner, then look left for some nice views to the west. Be careful not to miss Ross Corner Road on the right or you will be hitting gravel shortly. Ross Corner has some up and downs, with a couple of sweeping downhill bends to the left. A right on Gore Road, and another right onto Gebung Road, which you might remember going the other way on the Lake Route. You might be tempted to miss the turn left on to Yeaton Hill Road, but it gives you the option of stopping for ice cream at Shaws Ridge Farm. A few miles more and your done! About 1200 feet of climbing.


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